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Dental Temp Solutions, LLC

A licensed employment agency specializing in dental recruiting, we assist dentists, practice managers and other dental employers who need to fill temporary or permanent positions. We evaluate your dentist recruitment or dental staffing needs and respond only with qualified candidates. Our temp agency will provide staffing in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Our dental recruiting placement fees are based on the candidate’s experience and the position to be filled. Whether you’re seeking a permanent employee or have a temporary staffing emergency, as your dental staffing agency we can save you time and money by:

  • Personally interviewing all applicants
  • Thoroughly checking references
  • Conducting background checks; upon request (a fee may apply)
  • Skills evaluation and screening for your exclusive position
  • Arranging personal or working interviews
  • License Verification
  • Hepatitis B vaccination verification

Dental Office Managers

Director of operations. Day to day operations, allowing the Doctor to focus on patient care

Registered Dental Hygienists

Focus on preventing and treating the oral diseases that threaten the health and appeal of your smile

Dental Front Desk

Reliable friendly, team member who is the face of the office

Dental Assistants

Perform a variety of patient care duties including chairside assistance


Preventing and treating problems affecting the mouth and teeth. General Dental Practitioner

Dental Lab Technicians

Specialize in ceramics, dentures, orthodontic appliances and crowns and bridges

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Our temporary dental staffing services have employees ready around-the-clock, on a “24/7” basis for:

  • Vacation, sick leave or maternity leave replacements
  • Coverage during peak workloads
  • Dental staffing for special projects
  • Loss of a full-time employee

To request a professional for your needs, please contact us at (571) 299-8609.

If you have a dental staffing emergency, call us any time at (571) 299-8609.

We’ll return your call within minutes to meet your immediate dental office staffing needs.

We will are here for your staffing needs, we staff Virginia, Maryland, and DC.